Dinah is rocking in the chair in her aunt and uncles living room, Bellamy pressed tight to her chest and her head tilted back as she soaked in their time. She made a promise that she would stay away this week so she didn’t bring any danger to her family or the baby, but she felt terrible not seeing him every day. She only stopped in for a few minutes, mostly so she could hold him and smell him and tell him she loves him in case she doesn’t come back.

She does that every month. Just in case. If there’s a possibility of her getting hurt or her not coming home, she tells him she loves him over and over again. He'll never remember it, but maybe someday she might tell him.

Hes gurgling and reaching for her hair and dinah smiles even though tears slip from her eyes. "I wish your dad was here," she whispers, just quiet enough so her aunt and uncle don’t hear. They're oblivious to this huge life she lives, but she knows she’ll have to tell them soon. They see things now they didn’t see in boston, and they remember them now too. They have questions, but she always manages to skirt around them.

She’s still rocking the baby when her ring alerts her.

"Dinah lance, we detect your husbands heart is dying."

Her heart immediately falls to the floor and she stops rocking. "It can’t. He can’t die."

"His heart is filled with great rage. You must go to him. Save him."

She’s breathing heavily, but not panicking. This wasn’t the first time the ring spoke to her. In fact she had been talking to it every day trying to learn how to use it. It helped her subdue the undead and taught her how to fly. Now it requested she saved a dying man's heart.

She went to stand, but her uncle Ted appeared in front of her immediately, offering to take the baby. "Go," he said. "Save him."

Ted didn’t know anything. She never told him about it, so she's not sure how he was standing there calmly reaching for the baby and telling her to go save her dying husband. He lets her say goodbye to the baby, and somehow isn’t at all surprised when her suit materializes.

She looks at him, scared of what he might say. He doesn’t, just tells her to go again and that Bellamy would be safe. She wonders if he had known all along, or at least suspected things when she would drop the baby and dog off every month around the same time. Dinah realizes it’s stupid to think he wouldn’t notice how things changed, and how they lined up with what was happening around the city. He promises that bellamy would be safe and there when she and slade got home that night. He never said if, never showed any doubt. He knew they’d make it back.

So dinah left, flying away for the first time and not using her bike. She’d been afraid of flying in case the ring quit or disappeared on her, so despite the freedom it offered her, she chose other modes of transporation. This time was different and she had to get to him as fast as i can.

“What do i do?” she asks the ring, not sure how she could save a dying man. She wasn’t a heart surgeon, she didn’t know much beyond basic first aid and stitches, so she wasn’t sure how slade’s life was any better in her hands than someone elses. Someone with training.

”you must tether your hearts together to save his. This will connect you to him through space and time, no matter the distance. This will save his dying heart and restart it.”

She thought about this for a second. “Oh, i’m sure he’s going to love that.” she rolled her eyes and flew toward the destruction, the ring guiding her. She felt off, unsure of whether or not she could go to that extreme. Her flight pattern suddenly wavered, as if it sensed her indecision and felt as if her love for him was not strong. “Stop,” she hissed, keeping that love in her heart. “I’ll do what i have to,” she finally added.

When dinah arrived to the scene, she hovered above him, watching him in his path of destruction. This wasn’t her husband, he was infected by that rage. She suddenly felt her power flicker again when she doubted her strength and began to feel unsure of her ability to save him, but suddenly the energy around her went from a flickering purple hue, to a blazing fire of energy.

“Your reign is finished. I’ll take my husband back now.”