this was dinah's biggest fear. she was so worried early on in her pregnancy that she and slade would have to put contingency plans in place in order to keep their child safe and it was already happening. she couldn't believe it, but rather than waste time trying to wrap her mind around it, she focused on getting him ready to go. in an unusual twist, it was his dad and his wife that were willing to take bellamy for a while, giving slade and dinah the opportunity to slip him out of harms way, and hopefully remain out of it themselves.

she had him drop her off at the store so she could check on a few things. he was heading out to drop the baby off while she grabbed some essentials and promised to meet her there when he was done. she was clutching bellamy close, bouncing him as he garbled and cried. she wanted to do the same, afraid this was the last time she'd ever see him. how was it already happening so soon? she held him tighter, clenching her eyes shut as she hugged him goodbye. slade didn't get the same treatment, but she just wanted him to go as quickly as he could, so they fist bumped instead.

when she went into the shop, she was greeted by two of her full-time employees and the happy chirps of birds. they all exchanged pleasantries and dinah kept a well practiced fake smile on her face the entire time. she really didn't want to be there, but she still had typical responsibilities to take care of.

once the girls decided to talk amongst themselves again, dinah slipped away, going toward the back of the building to check on the plants. she was always worried they weren't getting the proper care they required if she didn't check in often enough, so she made it a point to stop by the shop every other day if she knew she was going to be in the area.

plus, they got a new shipment of plants in every wednesday, so this gave her a reason to be nosy.

she was spraying them all with a bottle of water, keeping dust off the leaves to ensure proper growth and health. she inspected them all at the same time, checking for weak or dead spots. while dinah wasn't a botanist, she'd been a florist for a long time and took great pride in the work she was able to accomplish with her new company. she was humming a song she often sang to bellamy while he was nursing, going about her business when she came upon a new plant. "well this is new," she cooed, leaning down to get a better look. a part of her thought it was an ornamental cabbage, but when it started to move, she immediately backed away as fast as she could, bumping a table and knocking some plants to the ground.

it wasn't just moving, it was coming toward her. now in the last few years, dinah and isla had both seen some weird shit, but never had they seen this. then it dawned on her. her final thought as the vines reached toward her were about the black mercy and what everyone had been warning against.

before she could let off a canary cry in hopes it would stun the vines, one slapped over her mouth as she opened it, and from there, everything went dark.