she never wanted the fairytale relationship, but somehow with him it came so easily. it felt like they had known each other for decades once they finally met, so when isla looked at him, she saw her future so easily. it was love at first sight, and the first time she'd ever felt anything like it. she had never really been in love before, so this was new and exciting to her, and along with that came all the cliche feelings.

they were so in love it almost looked like they were acting. they were attached at the hip, hands in each others pockets wherever they went, noses nuzzled into cheeks and necks whenever no one was looking. it was heaven to be so joyful and to feel so loved, so isla threw her entire self into it.

they married quickly in a private ceremony in seattle with only one witness. it meant more to them to have that day to themselves than to share it with everyone else, so that's exactly what they did. following their private wedding, they pigged out on chinese food and wedding cake samples that they ordered with no intent of getting a full cake. it was perfect, just like the rest of their relationship had been up until that point. it had only been a few months, but she had never been so certain of something in her entire life. up until she had met him, the closest thing to a relationship she'd been in was with her thai food delivery guy.

the following months were blissful and romantic. they moved in together, painted walls and talked about the future, had horror movie nights and vented about work to one another. all the things a normal, functioning relationship had that kept it afloat. looking back, isla couldn't remember a time there was any animosity between the two and doesn't remember much arguing over anything other than what to have for dinner or how often they were supposed to wash their sheets. it's the kind of relationship people roll their eyes at constantly because it's sickening.

isla fucking loves that.

they weren't trying for a baby when isla finds out she's pregnant. they hadn't really discussed it much, so she doesn't know how to approach it with him when she sees the positive test. it's early anyway, so while they plan their public wedding ceremony she decides to wait until the time is right.

she plans a ceremony that makes her family cry, especially her uncle ted. while they did most of the traditional stuff just for their families, she couldn't help but feeling like it was the first time all over again. sometime between their first dance and cutting the cake, isla decides that it's time to tell him she's pregnant.

they're smashed in a photobooth together, isla's legs sticking out from the black curtain as she sits across his lap, arms wrapped around his neck. they're posing with prop mustaches and glasses and she feels like it's the best time. hidden in her reception dress, she pulls out a small folded onesie that reads 'my dad is a superhero!' on the front of it. it takes him a minute to register what is happening, but the result in the photograph says it all. when he learns they're going to be parents, he lights up and sheds tears that she immediately wipes away so she doesn't shed her own and ruin her mascara. it's this reaction she could have only hoped for, and of course it's the best part of the whole night. even better than smashing cake into his face.

for a while things are dreamlike as they make plans, curled on the couch together going over possible baby names and looking at everyone's photos from the wedding. they have mere days of unbridled joy before hmorning sickness kicks in, and when it finally does, it kicks her ass.

the doctors say it's normal and while she rates her morning sickness as severe, they say it's moderate at most. she's pale and dehydrated, and while it's her first real pregnancy experience, it certainly doesn't feel great. everyone, including oliver, tells her to take it easy. she does her best and even does yoga when she feels like she can stomach being in more than one position that day. it helps. a lot of these steps are beginning to help, so eventually she feels better.

when they excitedly go to the ultrasound in june, they're both shocked and appalled to learn there is no heartbeat to hear. isla's world is flipped upside down and she feels a piece of herself die that day. she never knew how badly she wanted a baby until it was finally within reach. she never knew how bad her fear of failure was until she failed at the one thing she suddenly felt was her purpose. they don't speak for the rest of that night because nothing comes out right, and eventually she just wants to be alone. he goes out drinking and she stays home, sitting on the front steps with a bottle of red wine, waiting for someone to make a drop-off to her.

at some point, they stop seeing eye to eye. isla is having a tough time getting over the experience of losing a child, and she thinks he's getting fed up with her. she tries sometimes, but mostly she wants to be left alone. this causes disagreements and screaming matches, the likes of which neither of them had experienced with one another. the longer time dragged on, the further apart they grew until neither of them could look each other in the eye.

he leaves to go work in seattle not long after, giving them some space to work things out in their respective ways. isla files for divorce a few months after that.