It was mabel who figured it out first. isla was sound asleep, but only because she was up with a fussy bellamy late into the night. by some grace of goddess, the baby slept soundly from then into the morning, which isla was grateful for. it was early when the dog stuck her cold nose into isla's face, causing her to groan and cover it up so she wasn't bothered again. a sheet wasn't enough to sway the dog and she persisted, eventually using a big paw to rip it off across isla's eye, which also caused her to sit up and grunt in pain.

"jesus, can't you wake him?" she jerked her thumb back towards nate who was also asleep, but she could tell it was lightly. isla rubbed her eyes and begrudgingly got out of bed, pulling a light summer robe off the floor to give her more coverage in case it was chilly outside.

she was groggily walking through the room, feet shuffling quietly as she peaked her head into bellamy's attached nursery and smiled, seeing that he hadn't been woken up by mabel's groans and what she called 'inside voice roo-roo's. not wanting the sleeping infant to wake, she tip-toed away and out of the room, slowly closing the door behind her so she didn't make too much noise as she started her day.

there were a few quick pit-stops along the way, but eventually isla made it to the back door where she let mabel out to do her business. she left the door open so the dog could push it and let herself in when she was done, meanwhile busying herself with the chore of making coffee. per her usual routine, she sat at the metal table in the kitchen, getting ready to let her drowsy head touch the cool surface when she sat up with a start and the sound of mabel's loud barks and seemingly vicious growls.

rushing to the door, isla quickly pulled it open to look outside at what her dog was barking at. it could be a squirrel, she thought, but isla knew mabel wasn't much interested in riling them up. when she gazed into the bright sunny yard, she noticed something was off...very off. one hand shielded her eyes from the morning sun as she bent down to calm mabel, the other hand petting the dog hunched over next to her.

everything seemed different, though it took her weary mind a minute to understand. the dog barked again, this time at sounds from the front of the house. mabel raced through the kitchen and into the living room, claws scratching against wood floors at full speed as she rushed the houses front entrance. isla followed, shushing her the whole time and reminding her that she was going to wake the baby, as if that ever stopped the dog from barking. she moved to the windows and peaked out at the street just beyond the curtains and blanched at the sight.

what isla was looking at outside wasn't her front yard, but a completely differen't sight all together. she moved to the door and opened it, mabel slipping past her legs with ease and going to the steps to growl at nothing and no one in particular. isla's brows furrowed at the usually docile dog as she looked around, confused beyond her wits end as she took in the sight of a brand new location. she couldn't even recognize where she was. luckily a person was walking their own dog down the street and isla bounded off the front porch and to the end of the paved walkway to greet them.

"hey, hi. so this is weird...i just woke up and seem to be somewhere new all together. can you tell me where exactly i am?" the man walking the dog looked at her and tried to dodge her by moving around her carefully. isla reconsidered this approach for a second. "i have short term amnesia. car accident. i promise i won't ask you another weird question if you just tell me what city i'm in."

the guy, who was still walking away as isla was talking looked at her in utter horror. "you're in san fran, you lunatic."

isla's face screwed up at his response and she huffed. "that's not very nice. i hope you don't talk to your mother that way, blowhard." shr groaned and walked back to the house, arms folded as she climbed the steps.

"mother. mother." it dawned on her that she should call her family and check in on them, see if they were experiencing the same things she was. before she could even make it into the house and shut the door behind her, she could hear bellamy crying from upstairs, undoubtedly from all the commotion of mabel barking at the complete and total nonsense that were their new surroundings.