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isla   yeah, i'm the black damn canary.

September 23, 2019

riding a bike is all fun and games until you ride it straight downhill towards your imminent death.

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September 22, 2019

if i could retire to montana or colorado, i absolutely 100% would.

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September 21, 2019

this is the scenery i want to wake up to every goddamned day.

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Septemver 20, 2019

Collecting treasures.

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September 19, 2019

@itslegitinate made sure i looked like i knew what i was doing. spoiler: i did not.

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September 18, 2019

the calm before the infant storm.
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September 16, 2019

you will never meet anyone that is as hype about their partner and dog as i am when it comes to these two.

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Septeber 14, 2019

she has absolutely no idea what to expect. sorry, mabel.

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September 14, 2019

annual birthday roadtrip for my love. since before we were ever dating, we took a trip for his birthday just to get out of boston. it's become our favorite yearly tradition ever since. this year takes us to big sky and someplace special for a surprise at the very end. bless our intrepid souls.

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