despite being only 19, dinah lance stood in the kitchen looking at a full rack of wine bottles. however she had come to obtain them, she wasn't entirely certain but she was definitely about to drink one (or all) of them. grabbing a bottle of pinot, she rifled through the cabinet above looking for the biggest wine glass she could find and found one so comically large that she felt it was only fitting for the situation.

monday night was interesting thus far. she hadn't quite gotten a hang of what was going on around her, but after 24 hours of arguing and butting heads with certain people, dinah decided she needed to blow off some steam. she could have gone to wildecat where she apparently worked, but decided against that and utilized the dark alleys behind bars and known high crime areas. even after that, she felt more amped than before, as if she hadn't blown off any steam at all but instead made it worse for herself. so, taking a page out of someone else's book, dinah decided to spend the rest of the night relaxing as much as possible.

she'd brought the glass and bottle into her bedroom, the dogs following her everywhere she went and occasionally regarding her with suspicion. this made her roll her eyes and mumble quiet whatever's whenever they did it. she had set the glass and bottle on a table next to the bed and went about changing out of her street garb and into a flannel shirt that felt six times too big. pulling her hair up in a messy knot atop her head, dinah moved to the bathroom and rinsed the smeared and smudged makeup from her skin, exfoliating and scrubbing so hard that her skin tingled and took on a pink hue by the time she was done. she had a feeling these were little things that were often overlooked and they began to feel like the pinnacle of comfort and enjoyment.

she'd gone back to the table and finally poured herself a glass of wine, the glass holding roughly half of the bottle, which was just enough to start her night. she had plans, this one, and now that she was at the height of comfort and beginning to relax, she went about her business rifling through everything in the bedroom.

dinah found it very strange that people were telling her she was dating slade wilson of all people and had married oliver queen (gross!!!) sometime before. these were things she could hardly fathom doing, but had set out to find some truth in the matter. the slade part seemed wildly apparent to her, there were photographs everywhere, some of the two of them, some of him, small reminders from trips and holidays and and weekends together, but she was beginning to understand just how true it was. her phone had hundreds of pictures from vacations together, and what looked like a more recent road trip across the country. these pictures were proof that he was indeed the person she chose to be with, even if she still found it hard to believe. dinah rubbed her eyes and took a gulping sip from the glass, standing by a desk with the evidence she'd collected piled up. shirts, receipts, pictures, post-it all lead to the obvious truth and she fell against a chair and sighed, exasperated.

if it were all true, dinah didn't understand why it didn't feel familiar to her. even the house felt unfamiliar, and while she knew she lived there and had built a life there, it didn't feel like home for some reason. settling against it, she rested her elbow on the desk and her head in the palm of her hand, cradling it as she tapped her fingers against the wood. the closed laptop was a promising place to continue, so after a few moments of closed eyes and steady breaths to will her onward, dinah lifted the lid and powered it on.

one of the dogs had come over and pushed its wet nose against her thigh and she gasped, the sound alone making it back off. she frowened and held her hand out, inviting the lithe animal back over so she could apologize. she sighed and bent over, kissing the dog at the top of the head. the windows sound chimed and she turned her head just enough to see the computer coming to life. her attention was turned away from the dog, and the dog turned away from dinah, sauntering back towards the bed and jumping up to make herself at home.

after a few moments of contemplation and wine drinking, dinah pressed forward and leaned closer to the desk, searching through the files on the laptop for any indication of what was going on. as she'd suspected, there were immaculately organized folders filled with notes and and pictures. the videos folder was small, but she decided to start there before diving into what looked like years of what she could only describe as journal entries.

upon opening the video file, she noticed a few with less than subtle names on them. 'OLLIE AND ISLA - WEDDING' and 'OLLIE AND ISLA - WEDDING NIGHT' to name a few. she blushed thinking about what that could mean. the 19-year old had just barely lost her virginity a year earlier at a graduation party, so the idea of having a wedding night felt so risque and foreign to her. other file names were just as clear, having several labled 'NATE XXX' or 'BLACKDEATH.' curiosity struck and dinah opened that, but the utterly vulgar things being said and done to one another made her blush and almost slam the the laptop shut. still, she watched it for a minute, head cocked to one side as her face and neck grew hot with humiliation and embarrassment and... "oh...that looks like fun."

quickly, she cleared her throat and navigated away from the video file. the only other file that piqued any interest was one simply labeled '11.04.15.' assuming it was another porno (were they still calling them that?) she took a very hefty swig from her wine glass and sighed, looking around as if she should be worried that someone else was watching her.

however, when she opened the video file, it was more like surveillance footage than anything. her brows furrowed and she watched, scrubbing the time of the video so it would fastforward to something interesting. when she saw both slade and herself enter the picture, she let it play through, only fastforwarding through a conversation she couldn't hear anyway.

what she thought could have still ended up with clothes on the floor and someone pressed against a wall had ended in a slightly different way. as she was fastforwarding through the footage, the two had began to fight and immediately, dinah knew what this was. slade had mentioned trying to kill her a year ago but she couldn't recall it happening. he tried to tell her that she'd been compromised in someway and came after him, but she had laughed at that, so unwilling to believe that there was ever a possibility. this footage in front of her proved her wrong and she frowned. so she had tried to kill him, and in return he had tried to kill her. her hand navigated toward her throat, rubbing it as if she could still feel his hand around her throat, choking the life out of her. she paused the video at a spot where he held her against the wall and her head lolled to the side. seeing this man so brutally put her in her place made it terribly hard for dinah to believe that she would eventually find love with him.

she fastforwarded through the video more, trying not to focus on that one part too long. what he obviously hadn't told her was that he also picked her up from the ground, took care of her wounds and moved her somewhere comfortable. she sighed and slumped against the back of the chair, so confused that she didn't know what to make of any of it.

she needed a pick me up. something that would erase the images of the two lovers fighting in some sick battle royale way. she closed the laptop and grabed the glass of wine, walking over to the closet. earlier in the day while she was looking for something to wear, she had seen a box just labeled 'DINAH' and decided it was a good enough time to rifle through it while she needed the distraction.

she'd reached for it off the top shelf in her closet and moved back toward the bed, now climbing into it and sitting there with her legs crossed indian style. inside, there were pictures of she and ollie, she and slade, and other various people she'd come to recognize sooner or later. there was also comics, and more notes, and burnt CD's labeled 'NO ONE DOES IT BETTER ~ A BOP PLAYLIST' and at the very bottom of the box beneath the pictures and CD's and other various reminders of this life she was living, a rolled up article of clothing, held together by rubberbands.

when she took the rubberbands off and unrolled the item, she saw that it was a plain white baby onesie with blue and red staggared letters stating 'MY DAD IS A SUPERHERO!' on it. dinah regarded with furrowed brows, almost entirely out of confusion.