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She doesn't know why she's chosen. She doesn't want to know why, she just wants out. Dinah's always played on the right side of the law until now. She's had a few slip ups, but nothing like this. Nothing could have prepared her for the destruction she would leave in her wake. Her throat is raw from over using her canary cry, using it at a frequency so high that the skin tore away from peoples faces. There's no coming back from this and she screams to be released from Death's hold. It's scary when you have to take a back seat on your own body and watch yourself commit crimes in ways you've fought your whole life to prevent. If she lives through this, she'll be fucked. But she doesn't want to live through this. Not anymore. There's nothing she can do to stop it. She's fucked. Maybe now is a good time to work on her will.

It's sickening to see how sentimental Dinah is as she walks through the house. Every frame is a picture of her daughter. If it's not her daughter, it's her ex-husband and his son. She doesn't believe in that kind of sentiment anymore, and without a second thought, she wipes the pictures off the tabletop they sat on, letting them smash on the floor and walking over the broken shards with heavy boots. There's no room for sentiment in her anymore. The law of the jungle states that it's either kill or be killed, and she was ready to kill everyone that got in her way.

Don't think about it. Don't think about the people who've wronged you. Don't think about her, don't think about him. Don't think about a single person and she can't hurt them.

But she can. And she will find a way no matter how much of a fight there is. It must be so nice to be as trusted and loved as Dinah is. She boasts keys to multiple homes belonging to those who care. It's no struggle at all to get inside of Kate Bishop's and she wastes no time dousing the place in gasoline. A pang of guilt inside as she looks to the pets, watching them cower and bark in fear. Neither try to stop her so she continues.

When she finishes, Dinah hastily makes her way across the street to the rooftop she's set up on. There awaits the bow she purches Oliver for Christmas and some arrows with heavy cloth ready to be set ablaze. She lights the first arrow and pulls back, steadying her breathing and pulling back on the bow string before letting go with a loud 'thwick'. She nocks a second arrow, and then a third. Each one hitting and breaking the windows of the rooms she soaked. She was no expert archer, but years with Oliver Queen gave her an advantage that most didn't have and it was thanks to him that she was able to hit the broad side of a barn.

As she watches it go up in flames, she screams. She's stuck inside fighting to get out, but all she can watch the fire pick up.

There's smoke and she can hear people bustling now, and a few minutes later the sirens wail from the other side of the city. Dinah looks to the street and sees Kate ready to rush in. She picks up the bow and her final arrow and shoots it at her. It hits the door and Kate looks up to the rooftop where she was. She jingles the leashes of the two dogs that once belonged to Kate and together the three of them made their descent.

If she wanted it to hit her, it would have hit her.