There was an eerie silence that had washed over them as they sat in the ultrasound room. Isla could feel Ollie squeeze her hand reassuringly and she turned her head to look at him, fear and inevitable sadness looming in both of their eyes. "It's okay," he said, offering the warmest smile she'd ever seen.

"I'm going to get the doctor. Excuse me," the technician said, and she left them alone. There weren't many words that scared Isla, but those six did. For whatever reason the doctor was needed, she knew it wasn't a good one. Maybe it's nothing, she told herself, but she knew it wasn't. The hard mass forming in her throat was a good indicator that whatever it was, she wasn't going to handle it well. For as strong as Isla was, somethings were too hard for her to swallow, and she had a feeling this one would be the hardest.

Straightening up in her seat, she squeezed Oliver's hand and didn't release the pressure. She needed him there now more than ever. She needed him to hold her up and help her get through whatever was wrong with both her and the baby. When the doctor arrived, the sound of the door opening caused her to jump and she and her husband looked at him with wide eyes.

After exchanging pleasantries, doing his best to help keep the mood light, asking about work and how the other kids were enjoying their vacation, he resumed the work the tech had started and began moving the Doppler across her stomach, looking for any sign of life. "Mister and Missus Greene," he began, clearing his throat as he continued to look at the screen. "There is no heartbeat for your child." His voice was grim, but Isla could tell he liked giving that news about as much as people enjoyed hearing it. He directed their attention to the screen and began explaining what was what, and what could have caused her to miscarry. It became white noise as Isla nodded, watching him blankly through clouded, teary eyes.

"...so, if you're feeling ambitious," she heard him say, cleaning the gel off her stomach and bringing her back to reality. "Try again in a couple of months. I know it's hard, but it's not uncommon. You've had a history with having trouble getting pregnant, so it might take some time. There is no reason you shouldn't try again if it's what you really want."

Isla nodded, and she heard Oliver thanking the doctor and shaking his hand. If her heart was broken, she could only imagine that his had shattered into a thousand pieces at that news. He had been so excited to start a family. He had cried when she told him, and now she had let him down, just like her husband before him.

She hadn't said a word from the time they left the office until the time they pulled into their driveway. Ollie hadn't once loosened his grip on her hand until he put the car in park, and when he had Isla finally broke down. It had all hit her at once and she bent over and put her face in her hands, hysterics forcing her into full body sobbing. She barely felt his hand on her back as he did his best to console her, and all she had to offer was one weak "I'm sorry."