full name ISLA LAUREL WILSON birthday + age 6/18 + 36 birthplace seattle, wa current residence SAN FRANCISCO, CA occupation business entrepreneur status + sexuality #blackdeath cv identity + status black canary. unveiled.

As most great stories in history, this one begins on a stormy night in Seattle. A very pregnant and terrified Lorene Castiel and her husband Larry rushed through the streets of the city and to the nearest hospital, desperately trying to make it there in time before their unborn daughter came into the world in the front seat of their car. In the blink of an eye, however, the officer and his wife were struck by a drunk driver, rendering Lorene unconscious and Larry dead.

Fast forward 16 years to find Isla Castiel, brunette bombshell in training -- the striking image of her mother and father combined, angrily packing her bags and stuffing everything she owend in them. From the day her father died until now, Isla was blamed for his death and her mother had never forgiven her. Even the quiet resentment of what happened that night was palpable when Isla was a mere child. She tried. Everyday of her life, Isla tried to be a good daughter, to make up for something she wasn't old enough to understand. The older she got, the more resentful her mother became, and the more she pushed Isla away. Halfway through her sophomore year, Isla had finally reached her breaking point. A face to face screaming match with her mother ending in the three words and eight letters she always feared hearing the most.

If it wasn't for the generosity of her extended family, Isla knew she would find herself without a proper home, with nowhere to go, and with no real chance of survival. Her mothers sister, Dinah, offered a helping hand a place to crash while Isla figured things out. They had spent countless hours and days attempting to reason with Lorene, but the truth was, Isla was never going to go home. There was never going to be a day when that door opened and her mother welcomed her back with open arms. After the proper emancipation papers were signed and dated, Isla was officially no one's. Dinah and Ted kept their door open for her and more often than not, she'd find herself curled up on their couch at the end of the day. She lived with them throughout the rest of high school and was able to experience having a family in a way her mother had never shown her.

After high school, the plan was for Isla to move on to college full time and helping her uncle run his gym whenever it was convenient for her. As much as he loved having her around, he knew the blonde needed to move on and get an education before she found herself stuck in the city of Seattle like so many of his students had in the past. Isla was for this idea for a long time, having made plans to attend college nearby and help on the weekends when it was busiest.

One thing she hadn't planned for, however, was joining a band. Music was never her thing and frankly, she wasn't really the best singer as far as she knew. Regardless, Isla had fallen in with a group of like-minded musicians and found that most of her free time wasn't spent at the gym, but in fact in smoky garages writing music with her new found friends. Originally, she had no intention of singing, but every once in a while, she would get dragged on stage and introduced as the brains behind the band and her group would make her sing with them. After a while, Isla realized she actually liked the attention and wanted to be up on stage more and more, and eventually she became a permanent fixture in the band as more than just the pen behind the words.

The band was a good way for a girl in her late teens and early twenties to explore the world. Isla had always had very strong opinions and an even stronger personality, so she used the band as a platform for advocacy and rebellion both. A lot of the rift between her mother and herself later on came from Isla's so called teenage rebellion. The gym kept her grounded, this much had always been very apparent, but raging hormones and raging opinions at that time in her life caused her to be a bit of a handful. With her attention split in 3 different directions, she was quick to burn out and eventually lost interest in her responsibilities.

As time went on, more and more of her focus went to music and less to her actual responsibilities. She scraped through the rest of her courses in school, but once her pens were capped and her exams finished, Isla loaded up in a van with four of her friends and together they started a west coast tour. This went on for about a year, and Isla couldn't wait to go home and share the stories with her family. There was one particular piece of big news that she was excited to share with them.

While on the west coast tour, two things happened to her. Her band was picked up for a cross-country tour and record deal, which turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. And during that time, her uncle had moved Wildecat from Seattle to Boston to open up a sister location. It stung to learn that the plans they had talked about for so long were now underway without her being in the mix, but Isla's excitement overpowered her disappointment and she knew eventually, she would find herself wherever Wildecat planted roots.

The band never made it to their tour and would eventually call it quits when Isla began to lose interest in music as a career path. Her interest in it began to wane significantly and eventually she stepped aside to make way for someone else. To this day she often wonders if she could have made anything with that lifestyle, but doesn't often look back on it regretfully.

Having taken courses between her time at Wildecat and with the band, Isla found her way to her uncle in search for a new job. Her eager and bright mind full of ideas on how to expand and make it into something bigger than they could have imagined. With a business degree in one hand and plans for the new gym in the other, Ted and Isla set out to Boston and began building their dreams from the rubble up, combining their visions and ideas into one of the cities most prominent martial arts training centers. They were easily recognized as a team and their excellent community work from back west had brought plenty of inquiries from all over the greater Boston area. It was no time at all before this branch of Wildecat had blossomed into what it is now, one of the most impressive training centers on the east coast. Something Isla and Ted have both been proud of for a very long time.

It goes without saying that when a presence as large as Isla's enters a city, people notice. Although she had often kept to herself early on in their cross-country, more focused on her work than anything else, the attention she was grabbing hadn't gone unnoticed by her. She knew, and she used it to her advantage, too. Isla's guile and intrigue caught the attention of some well known names in the business, and before too long, she was under contract and doing what she loved more than anything.

It took a while to get used to the traveling and constant attention all over again, but eventually Isla soaked it all in and reveled in the fact that only a handful of years ago, she was a motherless orphan and now she was on the path of making something of herself. If one were to ask Isla to look back on her career as a fighter, she would say these were some of her best years and really molded the person she would eventualy become.

A time came when Isla's life began to derail slowly. Her attentio became split again when she met someone she immediately fell in love with. With distractions like these, her attention began to slip and her training would become sloppy. Little did Isla know that this would lead to her inevitable downfall at the age of 26 when an injury in the ring forced her to break her contract and quit fighting.

Dejected and broken hearted, Isla spent months in a deep depression as she healed. A lot of speculation on her injury believes that it was foul play and likely to have been done on purpose, but not once did she ever entertain the idea. Many people believed that her opponent knew she was distracted and was offered a substantial amount of money to go beyond the realm of normal fighting in the ring. To this day, many years later, Isla refuses to believe that.

There came a time when her aunt dragged her back to work, hoping to get Isla out of a funk, and the two of them worked together at Sherwood Florist. Her aunt designed floral arrangements and Isla delivered them and hosted a weekly flower bar, where people would get classes on how to make their own floral arrangements. In 2015, she had a vision on how to expand the brand, and three years later they are thriving and doing something that has been otherwise unheard of.

enfpthe helpergeminibeing a true gemini, there are two distinct sides of isla. on one hand, she's very compassionate and energetic, while on the other she can be a bit erratic and impulsive. first and foremost, she's wildly compassionate. isla's always lived her life putting other people before herself, even if it's the wrong thing to do. she's never been the selfish type, despite what others may believe, and she tends to be as empathetic as possible to those around her. she's always been the matriarch of whatever group she's been a part of, constantly taking the lead, but taking care of those around her first. she has an undeniable confidence about her which can often times be misinterpreted as arrogance. after years of tumultuous platonic and romantic relationships, she has finally come to realize her true worth and knows what she deserves out of life. she's an impulsive lover and friend, always leaping without looking whenever the opportunity arises, and loyal to a fault. isla's a fierce friend whose over-protective ways have often been the cause of more harm than good. her less attractive qualities include the unfortunate trait of being a score keeper, making her often times resentful to those people who are unappreciative to the help and friendship she has offered them.

• Until she moved to boston, Isla had long, jet black hair. In an attempt to reinvent herself, she cut it and began bleaching it. Her transformation had given her a sizeable confidence boost and she was no longer the sweet and mousey girl-next-door type. As Isla began to come into herself as she got older, she had a much stronger personality and her presence was hard to ignore as she made a name for herself in her chosen career
• is a big fan of roller derby and formerly skated under the moniker of dita von sleaze.
• has some level of prominence for not only her career as a fighter & musician, but also her charity work and local efforts. isla's as charitable with her time as she can be and loves to volunteer. she donates clothes every year, toys, and hosts charity events quarterly at sherwood florist and wildecat. her job running sherwood florist has gotten her national recognition in magazines and she's done several tv interviews.
• She claims to be a 'natural born fighter' and it was her uncle Ted that believed in this. Ted was a well known local boxing legend and champion, and he taught Isla all she knows. He gave her an outlet for her aggression and taught her how to focus and project it in the right manner. It was on her own accord that she expanded her interests and found herself studying multiple forms of martial arts, including judo, savate and krav maga. these days, she holds multiple belts and multiple titles in a handful of martial arts.
• isla has had a long history with infertility in the past. she and her ex husband tried for a long time to have a child, but she was never able to have a successful pregnancy. it wasn't until she met nate that she wanted to try again, and after a year of trying, the two got lucky and welcomed a baby boy into the world in 2018.
• Isla has a very strong maternal instict, which is partially why she feels so strongly about helping people. This extends beyond work and spills into her home life, as well. She's very selective about the friends she keeps, especially those she keeps close, because she knows how easily she can wear herself thin when it comes to being overly nurturing and caring for other people.

curious, observant, energetic and enthusiastic, excellent communicators, know how to relax, very popular and friendly.

poor practical skills, find it difficult to focus, overthink things, get stressed easily, highly emotional, independent to a fault.

Shares a middle name with Black Canary II.
Her father's name was Larry.
Close relationship with Huntress.
Uncle/mentor largely shaped after Ted Grant/Wildcat.
Master martial artist.
Moonlights as a florist at Sherwood Florist. (formerly)
Skilled motorcyclist.
Natural brunette, bottle blonde, blue eyes, 5'7"
Doesn't eat poultry or eggs.
Doesn't care for cats.


Dinah Laurel Lance was born into a family of crime fighters. Her father Larry Lance, was a police officer, while her mother (also named Dinah) was the original Black Canary.

The younger Dinah chose to become a crime-fighter at the age of nineteen, despite her mother’s wishes to the contrary. Following a rigorous training program under the watchful eye of a former colleague and life-long friend of the original Black Canary, Ted Grant, also known as Wildcat, Dinah took up her mother’s identity and adopted her costume as her own.

Not long after her debut as Black Canary, Dinah Lance became a founding member of the Justice League of America. It was Dinah who suggested the newly-formed name of the League, in deference to her mother’s having been a member of the Justice Society of America. It was through her new association with the Justice League that she first met the love of her life — Oliver "Ollie" Queen — also known as the Green Arrow. Black Canary’s membership in the JLA lasted for many years. Her friendship with Oliver Queen developed during this time as their feelings for one another became romantic. When Oliver chose to quit the League in order to continue his efforts in Star City on his own, Dinah decided to join him there soon after.

Dinah grew up as a street kid in Gotham City, until she was caught dumpster diving by Desmond Lamar, the owner of a local dojo. Taking pity on her, he allowed her to stay at the dojo in exchange for helping with the building's maintenance. This went on for years, and she grew to think of him like a father as he took her on as a student at his dojo. When he discovered that he had terminal cancer, he left the care of the dojo to Dinah in his will, and she took up instructing his classes. Unfortunately, he had been keeping the local gangs from muscling in on the dojo for protection money. When the power outage that hit Gotham prior to super-storm René's arrival left the city in the dark, Dinah had been away from the dojo, and happened to encounter an injured man working for John Lynch. The man gave her a device before dying, and she soon found herself being chased by a gang of ninjas who sought to take it for themselves. She fought them off for a while, but was eventually overwhelmed. Fortunately, John Lynch and his men arrived in time to save her life. When he returned her to her dojo, she found it had been destroyed during the riots.


CANON POINT: Dinah Lance is largely pulled from New Earth, Rebirth and Injustice timelines.


canary cry
master martial artist
tactical analysis
superhuman strength
superhuman durabillity

canary cry bombs
green lantern ring + battery

nth metal armor